Conveyor Dryer

Conveyor Dryer (Continues Conveyor Dryer System) Production Description:

This type of belt drying equipment offers high efficiency and low energy consumption.

The drying area, drying temperature, air pressure, and belt speed etc. can be adjusted so as to better suit vegetable quality requirements.According to different characteristics of the vegetables, auxiliary equipment is also available.

This Dryer is widely used to Dry Onion, Garlic, Potato, Ginger, Green Chilly and Other Vegetables suitable for drying of flakes, striped, cube materials.

The Dryer has the characterisrics of high efficiency and low energy consumption and posses the domestic advanced level in through flow drying, leading wind layer by large, drying by changing temperature stage by stage. Heating exchange completly and evenly, production efficiency is high and the product quality are very good.

These dryers have five stage or three stage it can meet the requirement of drying many kinds of materials and different product scale. Our company can provide technical serves for consultation, equipment selection, research & design and undertaking engineering.




> Onion > Garlic > Ginger
> Potato > Carrot > Green peas
> Green chilli / red chilli > Cabbage > Cauliflower
> Spanich > Capsium > Mint

Snack Items

> Fryums > Papad pipes > Mamra
> Pauwa > Salted Peanuts > Rice Flakes

Other Items

> Toor dal > Mag dal > Makai pauwa
> Coconut > Turmeric > Black Pepper
> Pulses > Amchur (Green Mango)    
.... and other food items


> Apple > Pineapple > Banana
> Mango > Guava    

Salient Features:

  • Excellent quality product
  • Multiple conveyor concepts
  • Flexible feed rates
  • Multizone temperature CONTROL
  • Uniform moisture removal
  • Self cleaning
  • Air tight construction
  • Design considerations for long term maintenance

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